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tv   [untitled]    November 17, 2012 11:30pm-12:00am EST

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welcome back you're watching the weekly on r.c. a russian premier league football match between two of the country's top teams was abandoned in the first half after flares fired from the stands and badly injured one of the player is the incident between bitter rivals dinar moscow and the reigning champions senate st petersburg sort of moscow wise goalkeeper hates with the senate finance shouting obscenities at the player as he was treated thomas has a t. cells. and john shewan who is the goalkeeper for you know moscow has been injured doctors have looked at him and they say that he has been blinded by this incident in france to see in that one i took you back through this of matches between st petersburg and moscow demolish took place in the here would be area which is in the
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moscow region friends from st petersburg started putting the pitch with fireworks and flares remove those flares or fireworks went off in the face of the goalkeeper he went down on the pitch in pain and then after he was down on the grass and they had stopped the game it is reported that the fans continued to pelt objects at the goalkeeper at that time so the decision was made by the officials and the referees to stop that game it's unclear whether or not that game will be continued at a later date or if. it will be given a technical defeat if you will now turn choosing between st petersburg fans in moscow france have gone on since around two thousand and eight they've been at a high level at that time there was a banner that was placed at a game in st petersburg that was questionable got fans upset and more recently in september trying to game between a torpedo and you know there was a similar incident with fireworks being thrown on the field but much course at that time and in the same month do you know more fans then attack their own headquarters
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saying that if the team doesn't play better that they will start destroying property as well so there's a big problem basically between a football fans and the teams that they supposedly support but their actions at this point in time are being more disruptive to the game than being helpful. as of now there are no laws in russia that are designed to protect football teams or to punish fans right now that is being talked about as a possibility in the near future. the fast have a public vote in england and wales follow police commission is to place this week at the same time as morale among the nation's going forces if he is to. bottom or some form of office address of that almost every single one of them felt abandoned by the government and the us mess looks now at why that same blue line brings. another day another demo and the police all with old hands to keep control but while the boys and girls in blue do their jobs sometimes impeccable conditions the
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government is reducing their budget by a massive twenty percent the net result more all in the force hits an all time low with just fifteen out of fourteen thousand officers saying they feel the government gives them a great deal of support rachel baines is surprised but not in a good way. to those fifteen offices are certainly in the force i work in lancashire and i don't know of any offices that fill up being supported by the government really is at rock bottom baines has lost five hundred fifty officers from her force meaning more work for those left behind and a genuine fear that when people call nine nine nine there won't be anyone left to deal with the emergency and she's not alone so i'm in pain is chair of the war except police federation says morale hasn't been this low in his twenty six year career with the have
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a plethora of issues over the last two years where the star or conditions of. pension reforms or were thought forms in the police. twenty percent cuts and if i give an example here in work prior to this government coming to power we had a thousand and fifty offices we're down into the seven hundreds we have one of the biggest moto networks in the country and we have no traffic department. so it's coming from all sides times are so hard in war that the force is even selling off its stations including its h.q. there. no for sale here but the iconic scotland yard headquarters of the metropolitan police is also on the markets it's a real turnaround just a year ago they met with trumpeting a three million pound refurbished space was revolving starting now it's downsizing
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to a new size on the thames nearby and replacing smaller stations with counters in supermarkets and community centers to force feels it's being disproportionately targeted secretary to resume a is on repentant let's stop pretending the police are being picked on they do you feel picked on and critically powerless to protect themselves as legally the police on him now which to strike but that could change in february we are saying everyone can fall off the rank chief inspector. in wales and that very question is do they want full industry rights and and the reason is important. members need protecting from what the reason for treatment by. the police force on strike it's the last thing the government needs to take you
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really is it still has not the winter of discontent in the face your assessment party and. politicians in the u.k. and europe are tackling economic problems in the wrong way as versions for the richest man they flung boy and richard so richard branson who told r.t. is especially concerned about the lack of work and opportunity. there are too many people out of boy and i think personally that nobody should be allowed to be unemployed i think you can share the jobs that are available you can share them around with everybody which might be that you know people have a three day weekend instead of a two day week. but there is. room to make sure that everybody has a job i think that would result a lot of the problems of the world i think a very. vocal about this this generation. i think that when politicians we have to take take helpless to war we call to stop them
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doing it you know was easy to start there was a possible two to two. misery politicians should be clever enough to get rid of leaders that are. leading badly without having to go billions of people and bloodshed. and the full interview with richard branson is coming up in a few minutes. so it's over a year ago now since the occupy wall street blossomed as a protest movement against corporate greed in the last campaign has suffered major obstacles to get its message across including harsh crackdown by they also are she's but now is a necessity trick and explains actually as such trying out more crazy ways to be had. an artist carving out his college debt number in walks over seventy thousand dollars from columbia and for
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a masters of fine arts an award winning actress teaching a class at the new york film academy what happens when you intensely focus on an object and to form a wall street employee volunteering and post hurricane sandy relief efforts do you know the name of your driver and what could they possibly have in common their support for the occupy wall street movement. from day one of occupy the whip the wings of the american dream and now from his brooklyn studio facing wall street know a fisher and organizer of occupy museums wants to redefine the meaning of money the other side of this sort of america sublime dream is you know all this and kind of lack of opportunity that we're starting to see you know it's you know it displays his work in shows all over the world trying to generate discussion about how an artist's work affect society had really you know been affected by the two thousand economic crash and the our world. is just as much as on wall street and the other
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kind of world is a very sort of go of yourself mentality right now and i think the society is breaking apart because of that i'm living a slice of the life i used to have lunch baker contributed to occupied by starring in an independent film as the wife of ponzi schemer bernie madoff now in jail for one hundred fifty years the film ruth made off occupies wall street highlights wealth inequality through humor in this case risk made off even in the middle of zuccotti park would be concerned about things that only the one percent could possibly be concerned about blanch believes occupy give voice to a majority that wasn't heard before there has to be some kind of a new model going forward where this kind of economic disparity. is dealt with in a way that benefits everyone you can't sweep it under the carpet and nor any more need to endure something after seven years at morgan stanley alexis goldstein could no
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longer tolerate the greed and toxicity of wall street she quit and is now an author and an occupy organizer on wall street there's this attitude if you get screwed by somebody it's because you are stupid optimal poker playing is take your best friend for all they're worth the same is true on the street. the occupy wall street movement started as an ocean of people on the streets and in camps and that tactic of holding public spaces the police have made it at least with their seeable future impossible we've kind of adapted in this way where we're organizing more specific themes. themes that could be while on the way to bringing much more tangible results. like hurricane relief occupy has been praised for doing a better job of the government agency feedback as well as projects like strike debt well as many as one in seven americans are pounded by debt collectors occupies
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raising money to try to abolish that debt burden for as many people as they can by buying distressed debt for pennies on the dollar and then wiping it out. the crowds may be gone from the streets but those fighting for the ninety nine percent continue working by themselves and in groups to put an end to the world of the powerful beating down on the voiceless and to try to build a socially responsible community. for new york. next as promised an interview with a tycoon and adventurer so richard branson. browsers . may miss it in ways and manning they can my daddy. does a famous reuse dance and play was oh my save. my money ransom business.
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you know how sometimes you see a story and it seems so for like you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm trying hard welcome to the big picture.
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cut. so.
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to my surprise something you so much for joining me today now i'd like to saddam go back when you were fifteen years old you decided to leave school you want to start a magazine pretty much from took on the world that didn't exactly happen but you have managed to achieve a lot of things are you happy with the way the world is right now as a person while at the what the world is extremely good to me. and i've had the job like i think of anybody anybody i doubt. and i'm still loving it i spend quite a lot of my time now. issues like conflict resolution issues in the world.
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and. you know the world i mean if you live in syria today well there's not a happy place a tall. we have a wonderful organization called the elders that are trying to help. place. he's one of the elders. people who rushed in to try to try to get agreement as quickly as possible so that we can spare the. people of syria. and i think if we can get russia or russia on board and america are on board we. the syrian government on board hopefully we can get to get the problems of the sort actually work while the elders are actually. in the twelve people that nelson mandela set up. and they. have people like president. nelson mandela like. people with high bar of authority
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they work as a as a as a group to try to resolve conflicts and then sometimes the individual elders i would like to be here by the united nations. try to. work with the various countries involved with syria to try to to try to get this problem result and. so since you asked am i happy with the world obviously syria is a miserable place that it needs to be resolved it should be a top priority i think of every caring politician to get to get this problem resolved was about the time when you were editing the magazine and you started up a magazine trying to stop the war in vietnam from what i understand do you think journalism can actually change the world and the course of things that is happening oh i think journalists can certainly change the world the internet can change the world i mean it was through the internet. through journalism and the public. the arab spring happened. and google. and facebook and the
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if you have your followers and you want to try to sort out a problem in the world and you get other friends who got a big influence to do the same you can sort these problems that you know i campaigned a lot for the oceans to try to stop people killing sharks in the oceans and you know we've got quite a lot of laws changed around the world thanks to. the internet. so yes i think journalism is that. the public work and it's a very important but journalism can go to extremes as well especially with what we're seeing happen with international where do you think the u.k. journalism is heading this responsible journalism in the u.k. there's irresponsible journalism one or two newspapers that are very very sort of extreme in their thinking and i suspect we need more. but the good thing is that the internet is counterbalancing that i think we used to have
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a newspaper. called the daily mail it's ready of people that are so i think a slightly negative way but i think they. the internet will hopefully stop ballots like that now and what's your take on the hours of today for example julian assange . hero or at the end. i would not call him a hero or a villain i think that the mistake he made was not editing he had an incredible information he could have made thousands of great stories without without putting it life some people some people around the world and i think perhaps he just went a bit too far generally all for one hundred percent freedom of the press but i think in that situation there were definitely we had that would take a lot of dealings in zimbabwe trying to bring about democracy and then suddenly we saw what we were doing and tried to bring about democracy appear so robert mugabe
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could say it sometimes you don't want a dictator is bad things find out. that other people are trying to bring about democracy you know you can put lives in danger now your. best men much their friends and their children's upbringing and if we talk about. right now in the u.k. do you think that have cause because we see in the riots take place in two thousand and eleven for our. life right now given their lack of motivation i think they. are not as politically minded. that they were when in the sixty's when. they should have they should have. been the big demonstration the set of even bigger demonstrations. i think if anything the youth. are not vocal enough this generation i think that when politicians had to take take.
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the call to stop them doing it. was easy to start. to stop. politicians should be clever enough to get rid of leaders. without. people and. i think the young people there are there are too many people are employed and i think personally that nobody should be allowed to be unemployed i think you can share the jobs that are available you can share them around with everybody which might mean that people have a three day weekend instead of a two day weekend. but there is room to make sure that everybody has a job and i think that would result a lot of the problems of the world of a general question which just say you are a dreamer visionary or an entrepreneur all of that and much more than i dream big
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and then i try to make my dreams become reality. i dreamt of going to the mood one day and. in the end i could decided not to wait for the russian space ship company or the american spaceship company we built you know we're building our own space ships to take us into space i think everybody should try to dream above what they're capable of and then try try to catch up with your dreams and now fortunately. and everything that happened recently lost a bit that i know you're fighting for it's. what's next. it's also has a large section. of the kind of people in moscow would want to use between that and heat. and that flying. in
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a very small plane is not such a good idea so we think we think the civil aviation authority made the wrong decision but obviously the ideals. is that you have three carriers flying to moscow i mean if. you have flying people into this country the better and they're paying a lot of rumors about you and russia very often frequently everyone is trying to figure out where you think. the country or any other projects perhaps taking place is there anything less well i mean today we were going to be doing a lot in russia today that. we were going to set up. a lot of money. trying to reduce people's energy output. in a positive way that. russia had all this oil and therefore they have
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a ready try to preserve energy and if you can preserve energy. then you can export more oil so. three hundred million dollars into russia or into trying to invest in companies that come up with good ways of saving energy but nothing in particular right now that you can mention. which we're going to start from today but we'll be looking at mobile phones we'll be looking at quite a lot of other investments as well last question very briefly. look if i get regretted anything i'd be a very sad person i mean i've just had the most. incredible. lots of adventures. i live in and. created three other companies just had a blast is surrounded by wonderful people. been married to the same lady. great children. their regrets. but you yourself have faced
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a number of times especially on your travels on the hot air balloons across the ocean what made her own power and over again i can imagine a. and then some painful for your family as well the amount of could find out some probably have rights and i love the child i always love a challenge and i have great difficulty saying that i don't somebody says. nobody's fled around the world in a balloon or. nobody's climbed about it i just say well let's try. i'm sure it wasn't easy put but now my children are doing it with. the highest mountain in europe a couple of months ago we. have together across the. space to get outside of. my children i think i understand why i like to live life to its full and i doubt that i do that with my wife happy with the fact that your children went out to exact same thing that you think i pay i don't think she's. wonderful wildly happy
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but she certainly had children doing what they want to do and that's what i think that's what bothers me is that. we try to take on that so you have a way we have wonderful exciting challenges but i try to make a hundred percent sure i bring the children have that's wonderful thank you thank you so much it's like you. this is. the culture. it's couldn't.
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resist. children sorrow. and hope for escape. barely surviving longing for a godsend. they live in a search for gold. why doesn't it bring them wealth. you mean speak your language. programs in documentaries in arabic in school here on. reporting from the world talks books seventy odd p.
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